Wheel Alignments in Memphis, TN

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Is your vehicle not driving like it used to?

Have you noticed a persistent pull to one side while driving on straight roads? Do you have to hold the steering wheel off-center, or maybe the wheel doesn’t return to center quickly after you round a corner? Does it feel “squirrelly” on the highway and not track as well as it should?

Chances are you may have an alignment problem.

Engineers design your vehicle’s steering and suspension with the wheels set to very specific angles for the best handling, steering and road manners. The four angles are:

  • Toe-in, the inward tilt of the wheels as seen from above
  • Toe-out, the opposite of toe-in
  • Camber, the inward or outward tilt of the top of the wheel as seen from in front
  • Caster, the fore-and-aft orientation of the wheel
A hard hit on a curb, railroad tracks or a pothole can be enough to cause these angles to change…and when they do, you’re likely to notice a change in handling and drivability.

A pull to one side is more than just an annoyance, though. It also means that a wheel is skewed to one side and is being dragged down the highway by the other three wheels, scrubbing the tread off that tire’s outside or inside edge. Premature tire wear due to poor alignment isn’t covered under tire warranties, either.

Wheel alignments are done on a sophisticated piece of equipment called an alignment rack, where the technician can take precise measurements of all the steering angles and make minute adjustments to bring everything back into spec again. To give you an idea of how slight the adjustments are…if you took your hands off the wheel and one front wheel is only 1/8” out of specifications, your vehicle would drift 28 feet from a straight line over the course of a mile!  

So, does this sound like your vehicle? Don’t just put up with it, and don’t put up with prematurely worn-out tires. Make an appointment with us at Steepleton Tire company in Memphis, TN and let our technicians get your car driving like it’s supposed to again!